Jazz & Pop-Ensemble from Frankfurt

Unverbindlich anfragen EvasApfel plays classical music and jazz tastefully in the background and then get the party started with your favorite songs and all the latest radio-hits.

The Frankfurt-based jazz & pop ensemble EvasApfel plays their favorite songs and brand-new hits with double bass, guitar, keyboard & drums at the dinner table and at the party.

With our background music we provide a pleasant atmosphere, subdued but with heart! Every piece we play, be it a jazz standard or one of the latest pop songs, will be charmingly (and acoustically?) executed. Even after many hours our performance will not grow tedious, as each band member sings. With our wonderfully unique voices there will be plenty of variety. You don’t want any vocal repertoire? Then we will gladly do a purely instrumental set, as we are all conservatory trained instrumentalists. If requested we can even provide baroque or classical interludes. Our repertoire includes over 1000 jazz, pop, and classical pieces. And if the party should continue, then we will keep playing because we know how to get the crowd dancing. We play the best songs from yesterday and the radio hits of today. Amplified and full of vigor, we will motivate even the biggest party pooper to get on the dance floor!

A loyal fan once said, “with EvasApfel one arrives as a stranger and leaves as a friend”. Good vibes and a comfortable, put-you- at-ease atmosphere are a great priority of ours. With pleasure we will learn your favorite song (if it’s not already part of our repertoire) or compose a song that is customized just for you, your wife, a friend, or a specific event. Just ask us, we would be delighted!

Imogen Gleichauf, drummer and vocalist from EvasApfel, looks forward to receiving your request and advising your regarding your event.


EvasApfel will play for you:
- Pop: from The Beatles to Bruno Mars
-Jazz: from swing to brazilian numbers
-from baroque interludes to classical
masterpieces -your favorite songs -a song composed specifically for you
-a long program, up to six hours of live music


- Kaisersaal, Römer
- Schloss Ettersburg
- Zukunftspavillon Goetheplatz Frankfurt - Radialsystem Berlin
- Sommerwerft Frankfurt
-birthday party in Zenzaken (Frankfurt am Main)
-many weddings and events throughout Germany

Kundenstimmen / Presse:

It doesn’t matter if all four members are playing or just two or three, or whether they play jazz or cover songs, it always fits! Like a good Swiss Army Knife for any occasion.” Vince Cavallaro, Strategic Reporting Analyst

Zusätzliche Informationen:

EvasApfel can also perform as a duo, trio, or quartet depending on the situation. For example, it might be appropriate to start the night out with a duo during dinner and then have a quartet for the dance set afterwards. Feel free to ask us!
For smaller rooms, we can provide the amplification, for larger events (100 people or more) a technician must be booked as well.

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