Violin / Viola / Piano - Duo Hubert

Violin / Viola / Piano - Duo Hubert

The Duo Hubert with Piano and Violin from Frankfurt . Classical music, coffee house music and pop. Also solo violin and viola.

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The Duo Hubert consists of 2 married professionals from Hanau near Frankfurt, who also perform as a soloist. They offer the best of classical, jazz and upscale entertainment. Tatiana Hubert plays piano, Anton Hubert convinces with viola and violin.

The virtuosic duo Hubert offers your audience professional entertainment at the highest level. Whether elegant-classical, oblique-extravagant or dancer-our repertoire breaks every country and age limit. Your musical wishes and ideas are also realized, as the arrangements are written by musicians themselves. The almost 10-year collaboration of the artists allows the flexibility to spontaneously perform and incorporate musical wishes. If there is no piano / piano, an electric piano can be provided.


- Classical: the most popular pieces of great baroque and classical composers such as:
Bach, Beethoven, Vivaldi, Mozart, Haydn. Fine romantic music by F. Chopin, Schumann, Saint - Saens, Schubert, Chaykovsky - pop music in the representation of Beatles, Abba, Boney M & many more - German and international folk music
- as well as coffee house music, light jazzmusik, French chanson & dance music


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