Regine Brand - Violine/Viola solo

Regine Brand - Violine/Viola solo

Violin goes pop - classical melodies combined with pop and music scores on the violin/viola

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The violinist Regine Brand studied viola and violin at the Musikhochschule Stuttgart.
Her love for classical music has been her way of living in renowned orchestras (eg SWR Radiosymphonieorchester, Mahler Chamber Orchestra), but since the age of 16 she has also played in different bands - from Irish folk to pop.
Regine Brand will make your party with special music an unforgettable event. Let yourself be enchanted by the bright sound of the violin or the mysterious deep sound of the viola.

Experience that a string instrument not only plays classical music, but also makes popular musical melodies, jazz and American folk sound virtuosic and expressive. Or would you like to rock? Pop and rock music sound unique on the violin! ________________________________ please have a look at the german profile for Regine Brand - Violinistin since the english profile is not finished yet.

or directly ask her for more infos in english: request for violin player Regine Brand