Singing Pianist AvW - the Boogie Baron

Singing Pianist AvW - the Boogie Baron

The Singing Pianist and Entertainer Alexander von Wangenheim from Wiesbaden plays blues, jazz, pop and boogie woogie

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An entertainer and singing pianist from Wiesbaden, which is carried away and delight your guests!
Blame it on the Boogie Woogie. In good old vinyl records he heard boogie pianists Vince Weber -. Immediately Alexander v Wangenheim is considered contaminated until then excessively enthusiastic piano students from Boogie virus. Several years and many hours of practice later, he began regular public appearances after his studies of music therapy at the Music Academy in Vienna.
Whether you are looking for a pianist who can delight your guests with enthusiasm, charm and a wink and carried away - or, the discreet and musical accompaniment in the background your dinner, your birthday, your company event - in both cases you are right. Alexander v. Wangenheim know what to do. He makes one thousand nine hundred ninety-nine solely not since yesterday, but since. Always with passion, always with fun, always with heart and soul. He just can not help. Full service of two hands.



The Boogie Baron from Wiesbaden is also a frequent guest at jazz and blues festivals, parties and galas; he has made a name - as overland traveling musician, in three years as a musical tour companion of concert promoter legend Fritz Rau and his memoirs "50 years backstage" and as a member of the "Allstar Wiesbaden Volume"
Other References:
Ball des Sports, Frankfurt 2014 2016
Rheingau Riesling Gala
Wine Ball
Henkell Trocken, Wiesbaden
Axel Springer AG, Berlin Germany Frankfurt Museum Concerts in Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt



This pianist and entertainer from Wiesbaden occurs regionally close to Hesse and the Rhine-Main area, for example, in FFM, Offenbach, Giessen, Hanau, Mainz, Darmstadt - and Europe on request.