Thomas Zoeller– Bag Pipe Player

Thomas Zoeller– Bag Pipe Player

The bagpipe player with knowledge from Small Pipes to Great Highland Pipes

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Thomas Zoeller is the first studied bag pipe player in Germany. From 2002-2005 he studied bag piping at the Royal Scottish Academy as well as the National Piping Centre. He is chairmain and founder of the German Bag Pipe Academy and director of the interceltic folk festivals.

If you want tradition, scottish culture and exceptional bag pipe music instead of cliches, you need to book Thomas Zoeller for your special event, like a wedding or birthday!


- Traditional repertoire (scottish, irish, bretonic and medieval)
- modern pop&rock sounds for bag pipe
- your own songs on request!


Videos und Hörbeispiele werden derzeit überarbeitet - Gerne auf Anfrage per Mail.


Thomas Zoeller played for the retired Federal President of Germany, Johannes Rau and with Rock legend Rod Stewart. He played countless private events as well as big concerts and tours throughout Europe

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Book this bag pipe player inter alia in the Rhein-Main area: e.g. in Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Wiesbaden, Mainz, Bad Homburg, Königstein, Limburg, Rüsselsheim, Offenbach, Hanau, Aschaffenburg, Marburg, Gießen, Wetzlar. Nationwide also possible on request.