Modern Juggling - Light and Fire Show

Modern Juggling - Light and Fire Show

Spectacular Light and Fire-Shows for Weddings, Company Events & more.

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The light and fire juggler from Darmstadt, Kai Becker, develops innovative lighting & fireworks with spectacular effects. Solo or with up to 4 additional fire (or lighting) artists from near Frankfurt, "Modern Juggling" offers the right show for your celebration, be it the firing company party or a fiery-romantic wedding ceremony

Coming from classical juggling, he creates innovative ideas and a high level of technical excellence in order to inspire the audience again and again.
The Wedding Fire Show "Wedding Fire" sets a memorable day for your unforgettable day - let yourself be enthralled and enchanted.
For company celebrations and other events, Kai Becker has the latest LED technology in addition to fire to put your company in a breathtaking light.


"Modern Juggling", the light & fire juggling show by Kai Becker from Hesse offers several programs, eg:
Wedding Fire - The Wedding Fire Show
Classic Fire - Classic fire show reinterpreted
Industrial Fire - Spraying sparks and burning barrels
Costum madefire - Customized fireworks for your event
Pictures of Light - High-end LED juggling with images of light
Snowflake - A light poem poem
Light-Tech - light and juggling