Fire Performance - Trio PYR-art

Fire Performance - Trio PYR-art

Fireshows that inspire and touch your audience. The three artists from Mainz and Wiesbaden provide fire dance & choreography.

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With passion and professionalism, the three pirates from the Rhein-Main area hot fire pair dance with dynamic choreography and unforgettable fire effects that will amaze the audience.

An explosive mix of elegant movements and the electrifying playing with fire. Dynamic choreography and acrobatic elements create a unique fire performance that will long be remembered.

We cater to your wedding, birthday, corporate event or public event not only round off your evening for Fiery highlights. Our Circus Walk-act, they can be of lively choreography, with and without fire seduce, and discover what is behind all the spectacle, hides the tricks and the glamor. We are happy to engage with and handmade street music or a music band.


PYR-art shows the following show concepts:
fire shows:
Solo fireshows for small occasions
Duo Bridal Show "Fire with Love"
"Highly flammable" - the highlight show with 2-5 fire dancers
Ortsbespielung, street performers and show the combined package.

light shows:
"Luminously" forest-act with reflektierenden- and LED toys
  "Enchanted Forest" light installation combined with Walk-act performance

"Move to improve":
Workshops, holiday programs, school projects ...



Old boat Werbegemeinschaft - Wiesbaden
Biofest 2014 - Mainz Cell immune GmbH - Bingen
RedBull tour bus & Enchilada Bürgerfest
since 2010 43. Euro Folk Festival - Ingelheim
Festa del Fuoco di Stromboli / International Fire Dance Festival 2012 & 2013 & 2014 - Stromboli / Italy in Neustadtfest 2014 - Mainz
Huhle steel supplier GmbH - Wiesbaden
Landesgartenschau 2014 - casting
Musikmaschine GbR - Mainz
Plant Kölle Gartencenter - Wiesbaden
Mainz State Theater, Musical "Lady in the dark"
DANCE BOOK Johannisfest - Mainz
Wine Salon at the bridgehead - from Mainz As well as numerous private events nationally and collaborations with other artistic groups ... ..

Additional Information

Especially for weddings we show a ravishingly romantic fire show where the wedding couple , as a sign of ever-burning love light up their own fire symbol



Book Mainz & Wiesbaden fire show in Hessen, the Rhine-Main region and nationally. For example, in Frankfurt, Offenbach, Gießen, Mannheim, Aschaffenburg ... We look forward to your inquiry!