Iftsche - DJ and Harmonica

Iftsche - DJ and Harmonica

A special kind of entertainer with the styrian harmonica and as a DJ

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With his 24 years of age, Adrian Kehr aka "Iftsche" already has the exprience of 8 years on all kinds of stages. From small to big stages, from folk and traditional festivities to carzy parties, Iftsche managed to get the audience amazed.
Its an absolute alternation for your event: Professional presentation and moderation, live music with the styrian harmonica and the newest club sounds - there is something for everyone!


Iftsche will play for you
- German and Austrian folk-music from teh Schürzenjäger to the Klostertaler
- German dance music from Helene Fischer to GG Anderson
- Rock from AC/DC to Nirvana
- Your favourit songs
-huge repertoire as a DJ, up to 8 hours playing time!


Auf die Titel klicken um Videos von dem Iftsche zu sehen (auf YouTube):

Der Iftsche - Adrian Kehr - an der Steierischen Harmonika

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Deutscher Dressur & Reiterball 2008 Göttingen
Mühlhäuser Stadtmarkt 2009
Weddings, birthday parties and folk festivals since 8 years

Additional Information

Adrian Kehr can be booked as a harmonica player, as a DJ or as an overall entertainer.

Because of different durations of events and multiple instrumentation possibilities, it is unfortunately not possible for the artist to state a lump sum fee for every event.
Therefore we would ask you to make an unaccommodating request, so that the artist
can make a tailored offer for your event.



This harmonica player, DJ and entertainer performs inter alia in the Rhein-Main area: e.g. in Frankfurt, Bad Homburg, Darmstadt, Wiesbaden, Mainz, Bad Soden, Bad Vilbel, Königstein, Limburg, Offenbach, Hanau, Aschaffenburg, Marburg, Gießen, Wetzlar.


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