Sax Angels - Saxophonquartett

Sax Angels - Saxophonquartett

Energetic mobile music, independet from stages and technical equipment.

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If elegant Ladies, matadores and senoritas, the Bluesbrothers or wild cats roam the crowds; If saxophones weep gently or roar impressively; if the audience is stunned and hypnotized; Then the Sax Angels are on the hunt!


A small selection of Songs:

Blues Brothers Set:
Blues Brothers Medley, Cantaloupe Island, Miss Marple Theme, Mercy Mercy, Rock around the Clock, I feel Good

Charleston-Ladies Set:
Muppet Show Theme, The Entertainer, Take Five, Charleston, In the Mood

Set in White:
Pretty Woman, Blue Monk, Night Train, Stand by me, Pick up the Pieces

And many, many more


Auf die Titel klicken um Videos von den Sax Angels zu sehen (auf YouTube):

Sax Angels - Medley

Sax Angels - Stand by me

Sax Angels - The Lion sleeps tonight

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Whole crowds assemble around the "Sax Angels" The three women and one man band offers saxophone music on its best.
Their music boasts with an acoustical indulgence, their dresses with visual features
(Die Rheinpfalz)


Opernball Frankfurt
Altes Schloß Stuttgart, Geburtstag Lothar Spät
Frankfurt, Alte Oper
Düsseldorf, Messe
Kulturnacht Speyer
Messe Frakfurt
Messe Wien
TOP Party Saarbrücken
and many more

Additional Information

Musicians from the quartet Sax Angels also perfom solo or as a duo

Because of different durations of events and multiple instrumentation possibilities, it is unfortunately not possible for the artist to state a lump sum fee for every event.
Therefore we would ask you to make an unaccommodating request, so that the artist
can make a tailored offer for your event.


Entertainer, Pianists, Violin players, Bag pipe players, Harp players, Harmonics, Singers, Trumpet players, DJs, Magicians

Popcover Bands, Rock'n'Roll Bands, Countrybands, Jazzbands, Classical music, Latin, Rockbands, Swing Ensembles



This saxophone quartet performs inter alia in the Rhein-Main area: e.g. in Frankfurt, Bad Homburg, Darmstadt, Wiesbaden, Mainz, Bad Soden, Bad Vilbel, Königstein, Limburg, Offenbach, Hanau, Aschaffenburg, Marburg, Gießen, Wetzlar.