Marching Bandits - Streetband

Marching Bandits - Streetband

Ambulant music for dancing and stirring up every big event

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The Marching Bandits were founded in 2005 by composer Alexander Kowalsky and percussionist Herk Röpe. The band consists of a core team of professional brass players, percussionists, singers and dancers. Depending on the situation and event, the whole group can be anywhere from 10 to 25 artists, with musicians and dancers.

The whole appearance of the Marching Bandits, including their outfit and movement can be adapted to a certain event or project. A specialty is that this band doesn’t even need a stage, no lighting and no power, they are totally independent of any location, including the vocals which can be amplified by a battery powered, portable amplifier.

This marching band plays own versions of famous songs (from La Bamba to Roma Rapsody and Also sprach Zarathustra) with a lot of swing that leaves the audience no other choice than to join in and move with the beat.


A show full of famous songs in a new style.
Hits like I feel good, Also sprach Zarathustra, Roma Rhapsody, La Bamba and many more…


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Marching Bandits - La Bamba (Valens)

Marching Bandits - Fever

Marching Bandits - Funky

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„Extraordinary Atmosphere“ (Gießener Anzeiger 2 September 2008)

„the Marching Bandits enthused the audience with their rather unusual performance” (Wetterauer Zeitung, 5 August 2008)


Castle Rauischholzhausen – The University Dances 2008
Summerfest of the Unversity of Gießen 2009
40 Years Seltersweg 27 September 2008 in Gießen. Street performance with big set-up (24 musicians and dancers in costumes).
Friedberg frühstückt – 3 August 2008 in Friedberg/Hessen. Street performance in big set-up and dressed to kill. Music and dance performances (Standard, Latin, Breakdance) and "Dance Art To Go" – Walking acts

Additional Information

Party to Go:
During the concerts, musical arrangements are created that destroy the traditional form of a concert. Instead of sitting in front of the band, the audience gets to be a part of it and finds itself in the midst of the party.

Walking acts:
The Matching Bandits are constantly on the move. This creates the possibility to use choreographies adapted to the customer’s wishes. An example would be that the band moves with the rhythm, stops, changes direction, moves sideways or backwards when the audience makes e.g. whistling sounds or claps.

Because of different durations of events and multiple instrumentation possibilities, it is unfortunately not possible for the artist to state a lump sum fee for every event.
Therefore we would ask you to make an unaccommodating request, so that the artist
can make a tailored offer for your event.


Entertainer, Pianists, Violin players, Bag pipe players, Harp players, Harmonics, Singers, Trumpet players, DJs, Magicians

Popcover Bands, Rock'n'Roll Bands, Countrybands, Jazzbands, Classical music, Latin, Rockbands, Marching bands, Swing Ensembles



Book this marching band inter alia in the Rhein-Main area: e.g. in Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Wiesbaden, Mainz, Bad Homburg, Königstein, Limburg, Rüsselsheim, Offenbach, Hanau, Aschaffenburg, Marburg, Gießen, Wetzlar. Nationwide also possible on request.