Between the Beats – Its poptweenjazz

Between the Beats – Its poptweenjazz

The fusion of jazz and pop - between the beats plays: jazz ala pop

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Our concept is to interpret known music titles new
Known jazz standards to pop songs , and vice versa
The change between tenor , soprano and alto saxophones in conjunction with
Instrumental and vocal tracks to make the program of the Hessian Jazz Band fresh and varied .

Let our popsouligjazz-arrangements surprise you
Our original pieces may be part of the program .


Our musical time and style starts around 1930 with Cole Porter .
It leads us to the Beatles and Sting to modern times to Amy Winehouse and Alicia Keys .
Much Pop , a lot of jazz , much in between - Between the Beats !


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between the beats - A night like this

between the beats - Lullaby of Birdland



Book the Jazz Band " Between the Beats " from Hessia in the Rhine-Main area : for example, in Frankfurt , Darmstadt , Wiesbaden , Mainz , Bad Homburg , Koenigstein , Limburg , Rüsselsheim , Offenbach , Hanau , Aschaffenburg , Marburg , Gießen , Wetzlar . And often in Germany to shop.